Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a high quality hand held bidet?


Weather you choose to use as bidet, shattaf or as cloth diaper washer, we know you want and deserve the best.  

What is included in the kit?


Everything you need is included in our set (t-adaptor, sprayer head, hose, sprayer holder, holder hook, screws, anchors and plumbers tape)

How long to install?


We know your time is valuable. That’s why we designed our kit to be easily installed in less than ten Minutes- No plumber needed. No electricity or batteries needed for it to work.  

Left or right handed use?


Our sprayer can be mounted on either side of the toilet.

Where can I attach sprayer?



Our kit is versatile with 2 mount options - either attach the sprayer to the wall or the toilet.

How is the water pressure?


The water pressure can be adjusted from a gentle rinse to strong jet spray.   Our t-valve is made of top premium brass core constructed by forging with ceramic disc cartridge which helps to control water pressure easily and prevent water leakage.    


Superb Design


Our flexible hose is made of premium grade stainless steel and EPDM inner tube with enhanced double-lock system which helps to prevent breakage and water leakage and means the bidet is going to last. The flexibility of the hose makes it possible for the user to get the sprayer at the perfect angle for them.  

Health concerns or reduced mobility?


The sprayer is designed to be easy to use, and that means the young, old, and even those with health concerns will be able to get it to turn on with ease.  

Postpartum Hygiene?


With the use of bidet, there is a cleanliness level that is sanitary & soothing. 

Need the tub, sink or family pet cleaned?


Our bidet attachment can be used as bidet, shattaf, cloth diaper washer, bathroom and pet cleaner 

Is there a risk to give this a try?


Our bidet kit is backed by our manufacturer 100% moneyback guarantee - If you're not satisfied, we don't expect you to pay. Click on the add to cart button and get your bidet kit straight away. 

PurrfectZone bidet sprayer instruction manual

Download the instruction manual to our bidet sprayer

PurrfectZone Instruction manual (png)