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The PurrfectZone Luxury White Bidet Sprayer for Toilet

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Easy-to-install(no tools required), there's a new way to give yourself an executive clean in your own bathroom! The PurrfectZone white bidet sprayer serves as both a handheld device for washing down there or a diaper spray gun. 

Discreetly mounted on the commode, it assembles in minutes, giving you lasting sanitation solutions.

Comfortably cleans with adjustable water pressure.   

Save time cleaning those messy cloth diapers and enjoy your life.  

Great for Personal Hygiene

Get that satisfyingly crisp, clean feeling after using it.


Enjoy the convenience of having a bidet sprayer that's quick and easy to install.

Make your life easier by cleaning up messy diapers in a snap.

Be more environmentally conscious.  You'll save the environment and money on
 toilet paper

You'll have a refreshingly clean feeling after using it.