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The PurrfectZone Shower Hose - 60 Inch Chrome

The PurrfectZone Shower Hose - 60 Inch Chrome

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PurrfectZone Shower Hose Replacement - perfect for Shower or Bidet Sprayer, easy installation!

The quality of our shower hose is second to none! It's made with a premium grade stainless steel and EPDM inner tube, which helps prevent breakage or water leakage. With a double-lock system & braided 8 rope wire the durability is greatly increased as well making this an excellent purchase for your home.

Connecting your handheld shower or bidet sprayer to our hose connectors is easy and quick!

Our hose connectors are 1/2" US Standard threads size and will fit 99.9% of US bidet/diaper sprayers/handheld showers.


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