Bidets Are Not Just For Your Bum

Bidets Are Not Just For Your Bum

If you thought bidets were only good for cleaning up after you go to the bathroom, you're in for a surprise! There are many things a bidet can be used for other than cleaning your tush. Here are a few ideas to really get your money's worth out of your bidet.

Clean the Whole Bathroom

Keep your bathroom sparkling clean by using it to wash your bathroom sink, vanity top, tub, and toilet. If your handheld sprayer hose is long enough, you can use it to spray down your whole bathroom! The high-pressure stream of water is great for getting rid of soap scum and mildew.

Wash Your Brush

Give your toothbrush a thorough cleaning by giving it a quick blast with your bidet before brushing. Bidets have very powerful water pressure and can power away any remaining bacteria on your brush.

Clean Empty Containers

Rinse out hair conditioner, body lotion, and other bottles before recycling them. This will help to remove any residual product from the bottle so that it doesn't end up in the landfill.

Rinse Those Dishes

If you don't have a dishwasher, use your bidet to rinse off dirty dishes before washing them by hand. Stuck-on food should come off easily with your sprayer on its most powerful setting.

Plant Bath

Bring your plants into the bathroom and give them a nice shower with your bidet sprayer. The extra humidity will do them good!

Baby Bath

A baby’s bottom is delicate and wiping can sometimes cause irritation. A bidet with a soft spray is a much gentler way to clean your baby and will leave their skin feeling refreshed.

Help the Environment

Many people are unaware of the environmental benefits of using a bidet. Toilet paper is made from trees, and the process of manufacturing and shipping toilet paper uses a significant amount of energy and water. In contrast, bidets use very little water, and they don't require any trees to be cut down. As a result, bidets can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Additionally, toilet paper often contains chemicals and bleach, which can pollute waterways. By using a bidet, you can help to keep these pollutants out of the environment.

Save Money

For many people, bidets are seen as a luxury item – something that is nice to have but not essential. However, there are a number of compelling reasons to install a bidet in your home, not the least of which is the fact that it can save you money. Unlike toilet paper, which needs to be constantly replenished, with a bidet, the only additional cost is the water needed to operate it. Bidets represent a wise investment that can pay for itself over time.

Give Fido a Bath

Cleaning Your Pets – Have a dirty dog or cat? A bidet can be used to give them a quick wash too! The powerful spray can get all the dirt and grime off your pet and really get all the shampoo rinsed out.

No More Toilet Paper

Remember the toilet paper shortage at the beginning of the pandemic? With a bidet you will never have to search for or stockpile toilet paper. Plus, let’s face it, toilet paper isn’t always the most pleasant way to clean up. A bidet can provide a much more pleasant experience!

Soothe Your Pain

Hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and UTIs are all incredibly common health conditions - and using a bidet can help alleviate all of them! Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in the anal or rectal area, and they often cause pain, bleeding, and itching. Anal fissures are small tears in the lining of the anus, and they can also be painful. UTIs are infections of the urinary tract, and they often cause burning when urinating, as well as a strong urge to urinate even when the bladder is empty.

All of these conditions can be very uncomfortable - but using a bidet can help! The gentle stream of water from a bidet can soothe hemorrhoids, cleanse anal fissures, and help flush out bacteria that may be causing a UTI. Plus, it feels amazing! If you're suffering from any of these conditions, or if you just want to try something new, give a bidet a try - your butt will thank you!

Freshen Up

If you feel like you need a quick freshening up after working out or gardening, but you don't have time for a shower, a bidet can be used for the quick refreshing rinse you need to feel clean and fresh.

Feeling Fine!

Just because it feels damn good!


We hope this gives you some out-of-the-box ideas for using your bidet in ways you never imagined before! Enjoy!


Q1. Should you still wipe with a bidet?

If you are using the bidet properly, and if your bidet is of high quality, you should not have to use toilet paper to wipe yourself clean. A high-quality bidet will clean your backside more thoroughly than any amount of wiping. However, you may want to use a small amount of toilet paper to dry yourself.

Q2. Are you supposed to use a bidet before or after you wipe?

Use a bidet after you poop, but before you wipe.

Some people like to wipe with toilet paper after using a bidet, but it's a matter of personal preference. The bidet should do a good job at cleaning your bottom, so toilet paper isn't necessary.

Q3. How do you dry your privates after using a bidet?

The modern bidet seats even have drying options. If you press the 'Dry' button, provided there is one, the air dryer will dry the area. If you are using the traditional bidet, you can dry using toilet paper or a towel. In most public toilets with bidets, towels are provided on a ring next to it.

Q4. Do you wipe yourself dry after using a bidet?

You don't need to wipe after using a bidet because the bidet's water pressure will be sufficient to get you completely clean. However, some people still choose to wipe after using the bidet because it's the quickest way to dry yourself off.

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